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Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2
The Rubata 2 case is very good . . it is a great alternati..
Jonathon Norman on 28 August 2011
Aksent High-Definition In-Ear Earphones
...deliver a richer music experience on your iPod/iPad/iPh..
Michael Aulia, Craving Tech, 17 September 2010
iPad mini
iPad Mini : Padded by PADACS with cool
Alex Zaharov-Reutt on 06 Nov 2012
Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
...a very nice typing experience...
Patrick Rigby, Gadgetmac, 24 August 2010
Snap Rubber iPhone stand
Snap Rubber iPhone Stand by PADACS
Shonnah - April 12, 2011
Fortress for iPhone 4 and 4S
See our first review for the Fortress from our friends at ..
Michael Aulia on 10th April 2012
PADACS Screen Care Kit
..leaving it silky smooth and less likely to attract dust.
MacTalk, 6 December 2010
Fortress for iPad (2012)
See the Fortress recognised for its amazing durability...
Marco Tabini on 7th April 2012
Rubata 3 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad (2012)
PADACS says the new model uses power more efficiently
Macworld Australia Staff on 15th June 2012
Ergonomic iPad Stand
...allows the user to view the iPad screen comfortably...
Mendelson Tiu, Smarthouse, July 16, 2010
Enduro for iPad 2 and iPad (2012).
Gotta have gadgets and gizmos that make life easier
Editorial Staff on 26th July 2012
Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
...extremely light and very easy to carry in your pocket o..
Maura, iPhone4forum.net, 11 September 2010
UltraCharge Portable Power Supply
It features intelligent charging...
Australian Reseller News, 25 August 2010
PowerCase for iPhone 4
...keeps your iPhone 4 running twice as long at a really g..
Bogus Jimmy, February 17, 2011

Get best iPhone4 & iPhone 4S Cases, Covers and Earphones at Padacs.com

Welcome to Padacs.com, your one stop solution for finding out the best iPhone covers and accessories.

Whether it is iPhone4 cases or covers, iPhone 4S power case or iPhone 4S earphones, you will only find the best in our online store. Our iPhone 4 covers are the best way to protect your new Apple iPhone, iPhone4, or the iPhone 4S.

Hundreds of cases for iPhone 4 have recently been released by many top brands and they come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes and also prices. People who invest in costly iPhone will have their pricey possessions well protected by the covers for iPhone 4 that we offer.

People who invest in the new and highly popular products will naturally look for a better way of protecting their investments and the best way of ensuring it will be going for cases for iPhone 4S that is available in our online stores.

You will find all types of iPhone 4S cases with us. The selection includes Plexus iphone 4S power case as well as the Storm iphone 4S leather case that come in multiple types like hard case, flip lid, or skin case for you. Whichever item you select from our online store, they will give protection to your valuable iPhone from accidental drop, scratches, and also protect the screen of the device.

Besides iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4S cases, we also offer high quality iphone 4S earphones that takes the levels of audio enjoyment for the user to a new height altogether.

PowerCase for iPhone 4 - 16
Power Case extends the battery life of your iPhone by doubling its charging ca..
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Price: $49.95$9.95
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Executive Leather iPhone 4 Case
The PADACS Executive Leather iPhone Case is an ideal accessory for today's cor..
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Price: $19.95$3.95
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Dimension iPhone 4 Case
The Dimension Case for iPhone 4 offers durable protection for your iPhone 4. C..
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Price: $16.95$2.95
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Snap Rubber iPhone stand
SNAP is the simplest way to stand up your iPhone, iPod or any other small gadg..
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Price: $6.95$0.99
Out of Stock
Wave iPhone 4/4S Case
Soft, two-tone silicone case for the iPhone 4/4S. This case features a hole in..
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Price: $12.95$1.95
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Storm iPhone 4/4S Case (Blue)
Made from transparent blue, flexible silicone with a light blue 'dot' pattern ..
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Price: $9.95$1.25
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Storm iPhone 4/4S Case (Clear)
Made from clear, flexible silicone with a white 'dot' pattern on the back, the..
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Price: $9.95$1.50
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Plexus iPhone 4/4S Case
The Plexus iPhone 4/4S Case is slimline, lightweight and durable providing las..
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Price: $9.95$1.50
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iPhone 4/4S Bumpers (pack of 3)
Bumpers provide minimal protection for the iPhone 4/4S but allow easy access t..
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Price: $12.95$2.50
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Breeze iPhone 4/4S Case
Crafted from 100% leather and finished with stitching detail, the Breeze iPhon..
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Price: $27.95$4.95
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