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New iPad Cases and Covers

After new iPad cases and new iPad screen covers?
Look no further! We have a range of new products coming out especially designed for the new iPad (2012), including the Fortress Screen Protector and the Ziva 2, a new iPad smart case.

The Fortress Screen Protector
With their delicate glass screens, all Apple lovers worry about that fatal day they drop their favourite device to find the screen smashed. As a new iPad screen cover, suitable for iPhone 4 and 4s as well, the Fortress’s protection power has to be seen to be believed. It is a revolutionary new iPad screen cover which is incredibly durable, yet still sensitive enough for the delicate touch screen. The Fortress has been through a regime of rigorous testing and after enduring every sort of scratch, smash and crash, it still comes out on top with no damage done to your favourite device.

Ziva 2 – the iPad 3rd generation Smart Case
Again following its popularity as the Ziva Slimline Case, Padacs has redeveloped it into the Ziva 2, more suited as a new iPad smart case. The Ziva 2 has been designed to keep your iPad protected without compromising on style or quality. The device is a lightweight new iPad case and provides easy access to all ports, jacks and buttons. In the race for the best iPad 3rd generation smart case, Ziva 2 is right up there.

So whether you are looking for a new iPad case or new iPad screen covers, Padacs has some reliable and popular products for you to choose from to make your iPad experience all the more enjoyable.


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