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Enduro for iPad 2 dc

"I bought one of these after a friend recommended it, having one himself. I think it’s a fantastic idea too, but before I give it 5 stars, I’d like to see an added feature...that is, to have a magnet in the cover so that the iPad can be put into hibernate mode. My friend has stopped using his because he was annoyed at finding that his mini iPad was flat. I plan on adding a magnet to my case to operate the hibernate feature, so it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate it into the manufacture of them in future. Otherwise, it’s just a perfect idea."
Charmianne Dempsey, February 18, 2013

Toccata Keyboard Second Generation  dc

"The customer service at padacs is excellent, quick and friendly response on technical help by email and by phone....awesome!!! There should be more businesses in Australia like Padacs"
Derek Leung, August 18, 2011

PowerCase for iPhone  dc

"Excellent product! i would recommend this to every owner of the iPhone4.Power at the push of a button. Recharges your phone when there's no power point or USB plug available. Sure it makes your phone a little heavier, but it actually does what its supposed to do! Well done to Padacs for a practical and 'Common Sense' product."
Dean Parrish, April 5, 2011

Toccata Keyboard  dc

"Although the keyboard is responsive and compact, it does not have a shift key on the righthand side of the keyboard. This will cause issues for touch typists. I may keep it regardless, but find it disappointing."
Mary, April 8, 2011

"This Toccata keyboard case is awesome. Prior to owning the Toccata keyboard, I used the virtual keyboard to primarily type on the iPad. This work well for very short e-mails and quick type. The issue was the virtual keyboard did not work for typing reports for school or work until I bought the Toccata keyboard. It's amazing how well I can type on the thing. The keys are spacious, soft and responsive. I've gone from using my iPad for small word processing tasks to typing 15 page papers on it. And it works very well with the Pages app for iPad. Paring the keyboard to my iPad took seconds and the keyboard battery last for weeks. The only negative I have is not with the keyboard component but with the various modes of the case. You'll need to have the case on a flat surface while using which is a con if you're riding a train. I wish the case had slots that made it more sturdy when I was in typing mode. Also, when not using the keyboard, I use the keyboard as a slot to slant the iPad slightly for watching videos or browsing the Internet. "
Norris, October 18, 2010

"I have been using my iPad for work (through Citrix) and have setup various apps that have almost given me the perfect mobile solution, however, carrying around an external keyboard was quite a task."
Nadim, October 4, 2010